Volume 1, Number 2, of Justice, Power and Resistance, the Journal of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control was published in December 2017.


Justice, Power and Resistance makes all content electronically available on an open access basis approximately 6 months after publication.  Therefore, the full content of Volume 1, Number 2 will be available below in May 2018.

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Vickie Cooper                                                                                                   


Daniel Jiménez Franco  "Spain: Class War in the New Punitive Normal"

Alejandro Forero "Old and New Discourses: the Role of Positivist Criminology in the Criminalization of Anarchism"

Julia Downes “It’s not the abuse that kills you, it’s the silence”: The Silencing of Sexual Violence Activism in Social Justice Movements in the UK Left.

Lisa White "Testimonio and Torture in Northern Ireland: Narratives of Resistance"

Becky Clarke, Kathryn Chadwick and Patrick Williams "Critical Social Research as a ‘Site of Resistance’: Reflections on Relationships, Power and Positionality"

Mary Corcoran "Resilient Hearts: Making Affective Citizens for Neoliberal Times"


Activist Contributions:

Deborah H. Drake and David Scott "Holding the Corporation to Account? The Reclaim Justice Network, Shareholder Activism and the G4S AGM"

Tanzil Chowdhury "Watching the Cops: The Genesis of the Northern Police Monitoring Project"

Maureen Mansfield and Andrew Wilson  "Reclaim Holloway: Repeating the Same Mistakes, we can only Expect the Same Results"



Justice, Power and Resistance   "The Meaning of Power"



James Heydon "Social Protection After the Crisis: Regulation Without Enforcement by Steve Tombs"

Natacha Filippi  "Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a Movement by Angela Y. Davis"

JM Moore  "Foucault: The Birth of Power by Stuart Elden"